Barolo Leonardo.

GRAPE VARIETY:  100% Nebbiolo

SOIL COMPOSITION:  mixed consistency tending towards clay

VINEYARDS:  localities of Rivalta di La Morra and Verduno


ALTITUDE:  400 m above sea level

YEAR PLANTED:  1996 - 1999 - 2000

YIELD PER HECTARE:  5000-6000 kilograms (5-6 metric tonnes)

VINIFICATION:  the grapes are harvested in the middle of October. The must ferments on skins for 10/15 days at a controlled temperature no higher than 30 °C and is pumped over at least 4/6 times a day.

AGEING:  upon completion of fermentation the wine is transferred to barriques where it ages for 24 months. After being blended in large French oak barrel, it is bottled in the August of the third year after harvesting and continues to age for a further 10-12 months in the cellar prior to release for sale.

ALCOHOL CONTENT:  14/15% vol.



COLOUR:  ruby red with just the right refl ective characteristics of garnet.

BOUQUET:  intense with a pleasant scent of brushwood interspersed with tobacco and spicy notes and characterised by considerable elegance and composure.

TASTE:  dry, warm and velvety with an intense impact which is full and harmonious, with just the right level of tannins. Enveloping and persistent, culminating in a very pleasant aftertaste.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS:  game, red meat, meat braised in the same wine, mature cheese.